feeling extremely blessed at this point in my life.

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Aug 13

I hate being states away from you
I want to be able to see you on our first day of school and kiss you good luck and meet up after and talk about your day over bubbly shakes and then see you the next day
I miss you extra right now and school is starting for you and I start in a couple weeks and man

Another year of working around schedules :(
As if time zones weren’t enough
I’m not worried yet because if we could get through last year - that crazy, busy, and insane freshman year we both had, then the next 3 will be a breeze.

But still :( haha

Okay byeeeee

August 4

Sidney’s random Facetime call was too adorable and I think it was what I needed 💗😌

I’ve been pretty sensitive with the fact that I won’t be home for so long but her silliness got to me ☺️ Ahh, thanks munchkin :’)

My favorite person. Hands down.

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My favorite person. Hands down.